Mystwood: A fantasy tale based on Final Fantasy

I’ve written a lot of adult books dealing with various adult themes, but sometimes I just wanna have fun. So I wrote the Mystwood trilogy, three short tales of fantasy adventure featuring three different heroes on three different quests, and all based on classic video games.

The third Mystwood story is “Dracaena”, the tale of a wise old man with a grudge against our recurring villain, who decides to gather a party of familiar heroes to travel to a distant island and defeat his nemesis once and for all.

While the journey is fraught with strange dangers and challenges, no one is better suited to deal with complicated problems than a funny old man in a pointy hat who has traveled the world, studied its mysteries, and learned that there are better ways to win than just fighting.

As they cross a country of strange rabbit-people, Draco protects his friends and meets new allies using disguises, gifts, and a lot of fast talking. But when these tactics fail, he still has his trusty warriors to protect him with their mystwood weapons. Along the way, they encounter many of the classic tasks from classic video games like Final Fantasy, such as:

  • Choosing a job class (and possibly the wrong ones)
  • Performing random chores for villagers
  • Protecting people who don’t have the good sense to protect themselves
  • Earning money (slowly) for better equipment
  • Training a feathered friend to help in battle
  • Dodging traps and answering riddles in a dungeon
  • Confronting a multi-staged villain

Can Draco rally a party of heroes, lead his friends across a hostile country full of monsters and obstacles, and defeat the mad scientist once and for all? (Probably!)

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  1. Already on it. The first two good, fun reading. Draco is kind of a surly but friendly curmudgeon. I like him.

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