Free this week: Raziel’s Shadow (epic fantasy)

For the next five days (September 26 to 30), you can get my epic fantasy novel Raziel’s Shadow free on Amazon Kindle. [ Get it now! ]

About the book: As the long-lost prince of a country conquered by demons, Zerai Djonn has known only hardship, fear, and death all his life. But the legends of the great magi warriors tempt him to travel east in the hopes of gaining divine powers so he might return to free his people and reclaim his grandfather’s throne. But upon returning home, Zerai is reduced to a mere guide, helping a band of powerful magi to cross a land infested with ghuls, ifrits, marids, and djinn in search of a way to undo the madness that was unleashed when the angel Raziel was murdered.

It’s dark (and sexy), and delves into the lives of “average” people who have to live through apocalyptic times, suffering loss and loneliness, and madness. But it ends on a bright and optimistic note, though the journey to get there may surprise you.

Why are you still here? Go get Raziel’s Shadow now!