Free this week: Zelda Pryce (The Arcane Trilogy)

For the next five days (October 9 to 13), you can get my urban fantasy trilogy Zelda Pryce free on Amazon Kindle. [ Get it now! ]

About the book:

Book 1 -The Razor’s EdgeBrilliant young inventor Zelda Pryce creates beautiful machines using the arcane sciences (don’t call them magic!), including her one-of-a-kind wings and cloaking device. But when she visits the British Museum in London, she stumbles on an international conspiracy to destroy all the arcane inventions in the world.

Book 2 – The Clockwork GirlZelda Pryce transforms her clients into world-class athletes, rock stars, and crime fighters with her gorgeous arcane prosthetic arms and legs. But strange events are threatening to destroy her business. Her inventions come to life at night, her clients are attacked in broad daylight, and her best friend is framed for a series of terrible crimes.

Book 3 – The Demon HuntWhen Zelda Pryce assembles a device that can predict the future, she is drawn into the mysterious world of arcane demons. Some want to help her and some want to be left alone, but one of them wants to change the world… and everyone in it. 

The series is fast and fun, and throws together all sorts of history, globe-trotting thrills, science, philosophy, superheroes, and smart young people, with a few laughs and a bit of romance, too.

Why are you still here? Go get the Zelda Pryce trilogy now!

One thought on “Free this week: Zelda Pryce (The Arcane Trilogy)

  1. I did not get the email until the 16th lol. A bit late, you think? Glad I already read it. Loved the trilogy. You are the reason I am reading steampunk novels. All your fault. Thank you very very much. So when will the next Zelda book be out? hehe. Naw i’m not impatient. Not me. (Hurry up with it plz!)

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