Going exclusive on Amazon! (yes, it’s a good thing)

Friends, I know that some of you are dedicated Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords readers, and for the last three years I have been sure to maintain a large selection of titles in those ebook stores. Unfortunately, due to dwindling sales on those sites, I have decided to remove all of my books from them and make my entire catalog Amazon Kindle exclusive.

This offers my Kindle readers several benefits, including the ability to read all of my books for free through the online Lending Library. It also gives me the freedom to more easily adjust prices, and to host sales and giveaway events much more often. (As in, every weekend!)

Also, keep an eye out for my new epic fantasy, Tales of the Magi: Azrael’s Wrath, coming this month!

And now I’ll open up the floor to some questions.

1. Isn’t it better to be available in more stores?

In general, yes. But in this case, no. As I mentioned above, my books have been available everywhere for the last three years, and the fact is that Amazon has always provided about 95% of my business. So I feel it no longer makes sense for me to make three times the extra effort on three  other stores when going exclusive on Amazon makes things easier for me and offers more benefits to my readers.

2. But if Amazon does [ something evil ], and they’re your only store, then you’ll be in huge trouble!

No, because if Amazon does something evil, then I’ll just pull my books out and put them back in the other stores. The exclusivity agreement is not a lifetime contract. It’s barely a contract at all. But more importantly, I don’t believe Amazon will do anything evil, ever, because they know perfectly well that there are lots of good e-stores out there ready to steal their business, the same way that Amazon stole their business from everyone else. So I’m not worried.