New Book! War of the Magi: Azrael’s Wrath

Hello friends and readers!

I’m back. I’ve been quiet, I’ve been positively mouse-like, but I’m back and I have a book. A new epic fantasy with a gorgeous cover by artist Laura Sava.

Azrael’s Wrath is Book 2 in the “War of the Magi” series, and it’s a doozy.

Our heroes Zerai the falconer, Veneka the healer, and Iyasu the seer are back from Raziel’s Shadow and this time they aren’t dealing with mere demon hordes. We have more angels, more djinn, and more bizarre romantic entanglements than even I suspected to find. Here’s the description:

At the age of seventeen, the brilliant young seer Iyasu was sent to the west to help a mighty kingdom prosper in peace. But instead, he has brought them to the brink of war. Devastated by his own failures, and haunted by the bloody nightmares he unwittingly unleashed, Iyasu escapes to the jungle in search of the angel Raziel and the help of the magi clerics.

Now he must return to the kingdom he destroyed, accompanied by a healer, a falconer, and three mysterious djinn to confront a blood-thirsty warlord and his legions. But he no longer trusts his own visions, two of the djinn hide terrible secrets, and the Angel of Death herself now stalks the land to punish the wicked for all the death and suffering she has seen in the world.

Available now on Amazon Kindle.

And if you email me a promise to post a review on Amazon as soon as possible, I will send you the book for free this week.