Who wants to test read Ultraviolet: a YA dystopian adventure?

My newest book is a Joss Llewelyn title, a young adult novel set in the near future about a teenage girl who invents an amazing technology to fight back against a corrupt and abusive megacorporation. It’s Hunger Games meets Iron Man! And I need a few brave readers to test it out for me…


In Carmen Zhao’s dystopian Baltimore, the invention of the home 3D printer has made it possible for everyone to make anything they want – from designer clothes to high-end electronics – right in their own homes. But this has left the city torn between the wealthy elite and the masses forced to work in massive scrap heaps and recycling plants. Luckily, Carmen was on her way out of her old neighborhood with a plush office job… until she got fired.

Down but not out, Carmen invents something of her own: solid holograms. With a high-tech suit that can turn ordinary light into extraordinary machines and weapons, she takes to the streets as the vigilante Ultraviolet, protecting her family and friends from spying drones and company thugs, and living on the run with the help of a handsome new friend. But when she sees how far the megacorps are willing to go to take away everyone’s freedoms, Carmen leads a revolution that will change her world forever.

What’s a test reader?

It’s very simple. Just read the book and then let me know if you liked it, and what was good or bad. No editing, nothing heavy or complicated. Just your reaction, your opinion.

When is feedback due?

Please read the entire book and email me your thoughts about it by Friday, February 7. That’s just under three weeks from now.

How do I sign up?

If you want to be a test reader, just email me at josephrobertlewis@gmail.com and say that you will send me your comments by February 7, and I will send you a PDF of the book to review.


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