New release: ELF SAGA: BLOODLINES is here!

Friends, readers, and random strangers, I am happy to announce that my newest book ELF SAGA: BLOODLINES is here! This sequel to DOOMSDAY features an amazing cover by series artist Linggar Bramanty and a pretty okay story by me,  and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you today. So what’s it about?

elfsaga2_cover_01_900Thirty years ago, a group of elven heroines saved the world from a dragon apocalypse. Now their daughters are on a quest of their own… to save themselves. (Because the world is okay, for the moment.)

Searching for remedies to diseases, curses, and death itself, our heroines journey deep into an ancient lost city to find mystical devices, immortal beings, and gateways to the ends of the universe.

Explore an epic fantasy world that’s as classic as it is bizarre with GENESEE, an artist who desperately wants to get rid of her jaguar powers, RAJANI, a young healer with a fabulous flying ship and an entourage of faeries, AMARA, a gunslinging princess with a baby on the way, and NAHINA, an expert sailor from the southern isles (no, not where Prince Hans comes from) who wants to walk through time itself.

Return to the world of Vaenos, where dragons are weapons of mass destruction, faeries are pests, mermaids are monsters, and everyone has long pointy ears! With heroines inspired by historical warriors and leaders, this modern twist on old-school fantasy mashes up classics like Lord of the Rings with the funny, sexy, self-aware style of Supernatural, Buffy, Archer, and Rat Queens.

Publisher’s Note: This omnibus edition contains all three parts of the Elf Saga: Bloodlines story, including Curse of the Jaguar, City of the Dead, and Return of the Fallen.

You can purchase Bloodlines on Amazon: ebook and paperback.

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