solarpunk_2700So, my patient readers, it is time. I have finished Elf Saga: Solarpunk, and it will be in your ereaders any minute now. So first, what’s up with that title? What’s “solarpunk”?

Well, it’s a fancy new genre in the vein of Steampunk and Cyberpunk, but with a few key differences. First, the style is very Art Nouveau, very stained glass and airy and light, but also homemade and recycled and natural.

Also, rather than the dystopian outlook of cyberpunk, solarpunk is utopian, imagining futures where we succeed in transforming the way we live and think to use sustainable technologies (like solar power) as well as a lot of ingenuity to recycle and reuse what we already have to live better lives in the world as it is (altered climate, aging cities, isolated communities, etc.)

What does that mean for Elf Saga? Well, ES has never been about old-fashioned “kill the Dark Lord” stories, so this fits right in. When the world is changing or even dying, eventually you can’t fight your way out, or even build your way out. You have to change, and adapt, and evolve…