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Hi, I’m Joe (sometimes known as Joseph Robert Lewis, Joss Llewelyn, and Jordan Lockhart). I write books. Lots of books. Mostly fantasy and science fiction.

I like to blend history, mythology, and fantasy together to create exciting yet familiar worlds. I like to challenge tropes and stereotypes in subtle ways, to create rounder and richer heroes for my readers, and to imagine times and places that we might really want to live in or work toward. And I think a good story should be, you know, fun. Although it never hurts to learn something cool, too.

It’s also important to me to write about heroines that my daughters can respect and admire, characters who blaze their own paths with fierce personalities, bright minds, and unbreakable spirits, who live lives filled with freedom, wonder, and joy.

To make me sound like a real person: I enjoy biking and archery when the weather is nice. My favorite show is Farscape. My favorite movie might be Ghostbusters (hard to pick a fave). And I have no idea what is for dinner because I am anosmic. Look it up.

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13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. As long as you’re enjoying yourself 😆

    It is certainly a different approach, and well done for a different look at blogging 🙂

    Most of us just do it, without too mch analysis, and perhaps a little self insight would be a good thing.

  2. I saw your question over at the forums about people who “write about writing”. I do, and have a couple of posts which I’m rather fond of over at my place. One is called, “Reading, Writing and Thinking”, and the other, “Longer Sentences, Bigger Words.” There’s also “Artists: ReWriting the Book of Rules”, which has the great good fortune to have a bit of Reggae in it!

    Nice blog you have here. When I’m not so tired I’ll be back to look at the climate change posts.

  3. Hi Joseph,

    I picked up your story from Critters, mostly because you share my great-grandfather’s name (first and last anyway) and I though we could be cousins–or not. Lewis is a common name. Anyway, the story looks interesting so I’ll probably run through it this evening.

    You mentioned your blog at the end of the Critters selection, but didn’t include the address. I checked for a Critters bio, but nothing there. So I was curious, and had to track you down. Isn’t Google wonderful? Nice web site by the way.

  4. Hi Joseph:

    I just recently read an article about you and your work and was quite impressed!!

    I am myself, am a Toronto based poet and writer with an infinite love for words! I too, am learning more about the world of online publishing. In fact, if interested, feel free to visit blurb.com to see a sample of my book of verses called Fruitless Sorrows & Fleeting Elations. I would love your comments/feedback. Please keep me updated on your professional triumphs and successes!


    1. Hi Irena, I took a quick look at your book of poems. Very nice work. I think you could have your poems for sale on Amazon with less than 60 minutes of work if you wanted to, sans photographs. It would definitely open you up to a much wider audience, although I have no idea what the poetry market is like these days. Email me if you’d like any help getting set up to sell an ebook. Best of luck!

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