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ANGELS AND DJINN #1: Raziel’s Shadow

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About the book: Zerai thought he was a long-lost prince. He thought he was destined to save his people from a plague of demons. He thought he would reclaim his grandfather’s throne. He thought wrong.

Now a mere falconer, Zerai guides a band of powerful magi warriors and seers to the land of Tigara where massive reptiles wade through giant forests, bloodthirsty ghuls roam in hungry packs, and cruel warlords command fiery ifrits that bring swift and terrible death. As he marches toward certain death Zerai’s only solace is in Kiya’s arms as they both come to accept the tragic roles they will have to play to save their world. And their greatest enemy awaits in the ancient city of Naj Kuvari, where a demon queen suffers an eternal curse for murdering the angel Raziel.

ANGELS AND DJINN #2: Azrael’s Wrath

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About the book: As a gifted seer, Iyasu was sent to help a mighty kingdom prosper in peace. But he made a terrible mistake, and now there is a blood-thirsty tyrant on the throne, hundreds of innocents have died, and three kingdoms stand on the brink of war. And so, devastated by his failures and haunted by the bloody nightmares he unleashed, Iyasu seeks out the help of the angel Raziel and the magi clerics.

With the help of his old friends, as well as three mysterious djinn, Iyasu must return to the kingdom he destroyed to confront the cruel warlord that he created. But Iyasu no longer trusts his visions, most of his new companions are hiding dangerous secrets, and Azrael, the Angel of Death herself, now stalks the land to punish the wicked for all the death and suffering she has seen in the world.

ANGELS AND DJINN #3: Zariel’s Doom

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About the book: When a clan of powerful djinn attack the city of the magi warriors, Zerai the falconer and Iyasu the seer are summoned to help fight the greatest enemy they have ever faced. But both are tired of the bloodshed and neither of them wants to see any more suffering and death.

Amid the chaos of djinn duels, deadly disasters, and a magi civil war, Zerai finds a small orphan girl and resolves to do anything necessary to get her and himself out of the war zone so they can live a normal life as a family. And Iyasu sets out with Azrael, the Angel of Death, to find a legendary djinn artifact, a quest that will take them to mechanical cities, ancient ruins, and even the Tree of Life itself in the company of the strangest people and creatures he has ever encountered.


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About the book: When a master thief escapes from prison, detective Bettina Rothschild must put him back behind bars before the scandalous fiasco destroys the Ministry of Justice. Her investigation leads from decaying cemeteries where ravens conspire to warehouses where wondrous machines are built in secret, and even to the fabled Drifting Isle above the city of Eisenstadt where an ancient tomb hides a deadly secret.

The relentless chase proves taxing for a young woman who relies on her cane and her steamcarriage to get about, but that’s where a good husband steps in. While Bettina picks locks and interrogates suspects, her beloved Arjuna defends her from the most brutal and bizarre assassins in Eisenstadt.

AETHERIUM #0: Wreck of the Frost Finch

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About the book: Omar Bakhoum, a man with many lives and many names, leaves his vast and mysterious empire behind to join a dangerous airship expedition to the glaciers of Europa. There, he hopes to find a mythical island where he can continue his studies of the aether mist that reveals the souls of the dead to unlock the secrets of immortality. But howling storms, rampaging beasts, and a deadly samurai stand between him and his goal.

Armed only with an aetherium blade, Omar has more than a weapon, he has an army. Locked within the sword are the souls of countless warriors and scholars, each of whom lend Omar their knowledge or skills when asked… or when forced. But when Omar is accused of murder over the north sea, his quest for answers may end in a watery grave.

AETHERIUM #1: Assassins of the Steam Age

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About the book: When the local airfield is destroyed, Taziri Ohana is the only airship pilot left to chase the killers across the skies of Marrakesh. Along the way she meets a brooding marshal, a wild young pilot, and a grim detective who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, but can they stop the richest and most powerful women in the world? And when Taziri learns that her enemies have turned her own inventions into strange and deadly weapons, her family’s survival may hang in the balance!

Meanwhile, exiled Incan princess Qhora and her swashbuckling lover Lorenzo face a gauntlet of assassins, cruel aristocrats, and wealthy industrialists conspiring against the very Queen that Taziri is trying to save, and their only hope for peace may be a lone airship falling out of the sky over a palace erupting into civil war!

AETHERIUM #2: Legend of the Skyfire Stone

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About the book: The once-proud Espani nation lost everything to the plagues and monsters of the New World. But fencing master Lorenzo Quesada believes an ancient relic will restore his dying country to prosperity and honor, as long as the military doesn’t find it first.

Meanwhile, brilliant airship engineer Taziri Ohana is on a routine flight when she is shot down by a secret Espani warship, stranding her behind enemy lines with an odd collection of unruly tourists.

Now thrown together by fate, Lorenzo and Taziri race through a gauntlet of vicious assassins, undead demons, and giant beasts to find the fabled Skyfire Stone in the peaks of the frozen mountains. But when the Espani warship sets sail for Marrakesh, Lorenzo must stop a war that could destroy every nation of the Middle Sea, even if it costs him both the stone and his life.

AETHERIUM #3: Revenge of the Exiles

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About the book: Princess Qhora has always feared being alone, and now she is. Exiled from her Incan homeland, deprived of her dashing husband, and separated from her beloved beasts, she must now gather new allies to find a killer and free the souls of hundreds of murdered men and women.

With the help of Taziri Ohana’s amazing inventions, Mirari Velasquez’s unshakable loyalty, and Salvator Fabris’s deadly blade, as well as a gunslinging orphan and a girl claiming to be thousands of years old, Qhora unravels the mystery of the soul-stealing metal aetherium and the ancient cult of priests and assassins who not only want to rule the world, but overthrow Death itself.

AETHERIUM #4: Plague of the Demon King

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About the book: When Freya’s sister is bitten by a horrific beast, she has only a few hours to find a cure before her sister turns into a ravenous fox demon.

With her husband Erik and the young witch Wren, Freya explores cities full of ghosts and finds survivors on the edge of madness. She finally reaches the ancient viking city of Rekavik, where she meets the deadly witch queen Skadi and the vicious warrior Leif Blackmane, but the only person who can cure the demon plague is the person who created it in the first place, a stranger who carried a sword full of captured souls, a man who was murdered five years ago.

So Freya travels deep into the wilderness to find a dead man, to save a lost king, and to wage war on an army of bloodthirsty monsters, even as the people she loves most fall prey to the plague, one by one…

AETHERIUM #5: Fury of the Witch Queen

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About the book: When the young witch Wren and her immortal tutor Omar emerge from the frozen wastes of Europa at the warring cities of Constantia and Stamballa, they discover that war is the least their problems. Frozen corpses are erupting from the ground, an immortal warrior is causing havoc on the battlefield, and a single grieving mother is the link between the two.

While Omar battles a legion of enraged zombies, Wren matches her wits and skills against the most powerful witch in the world, the immortal crone Baba Yaga. And when she dives into the witch queen’s mind, Wren finds not only the madness of Baba Yaga but the cruel ghosts of her own dead predecessors.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. A handsome young soldier has caught Wren’s eye, and Omar has taught her more than a few new tricks, like how to command the aether mists. Although, even if she can defeat the other-worldly forces besieging the city, she must still contend with a vast armada of naval destroyers and deadly airships, and a warrior known as Koschei the Deathless…

AETHERIUM #6: Curse of the Golden Dragon

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About the book: As a child, Asha was poisoned by a dragon and found she could hear the souls of all living things. Decades later, she uses her strange gift and her training as an herbalist to care for people possessed by ghosts, poisoned by legendary beasts, and tortured by the cruel doctors from the east.

For years she has traveled alone, but a chance encounter in the forest gives her two companions, a blind nun named Priya and a sleepy mongoose called Jagdish. Together they heal the sick, save the lost, and solve ancient riddles. But when she journeys into the west, Asha discovers that there are fates worse than death and there are human monsters that can only be defeated by a woman with the strength of a dragon.

AETHERIUM #7: Twilight of the Immortals

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About the book: The dragon-possessed healer Asha joins forces with the fox witch Wren, the airship engineer Taziri, and the immortal knight Gideon to save a family of living gods from an ancient evil: the immortal Lilith.

Many heroes have gathered to defeat her, but the one person who knows her secrets is lost. And if Asha cannot control her own grief and rage, the dragon’s soul within her may turn her into the most devastating monster of all.

Battles rage from the city streets to the night skies, and down into the vast necropolis hidden beneath the earth. But this is a battle that cannot be won with weapons if Asha is to also save her own sanity and bring peace to the city of the gods.


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About the book: In Carmen Zhao’s dystopian Baltimore, the invention of the personal 3D printer allows everyone to make anything they want, from designer clothes to high-end electronics, right in their own homes. But this has left the city torn between the wealthy elite and the masses forced to work in massive scrap heaps and recycling plants. Luckily, Carmen was on her way to a better life with a rare college education and a plush office job …until she got fired.

Down but not out, Carmen invents something of her own: solid holograms. With a high-tech suit that can turn ordinary light into extraordinary machines and weapons, she takes to the streets as the superhero vigilante called “Ultraviolet”, protecting her family and friends from spying drones and company thugs, and living on the run with the help of a handsome new friend. But when she sees how far the megacorps are willing to go to take away everyone’s freedoms, Carmen leads a revolution that will change her world forever.

ZELDA PRYCE #1: The Razor’s Edge

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About the book: Brilliant young inventor Zelda Pryce creates beautiful machines that defy explanation and have made her one of the most unusual security experts in Washington DC. After proving her skills at the Smithsonian, Zelda is hired to test the security at the British Museum in London using her arcane wings and cloak to fly unseen past the alarms. And that’s when everything goes very, very wrong. The museum never hired her. A thief did. And when Zelda escapes from the London police, the only thing on her mind is tracking down the thief who set her up and nearly destroyed her career. So she teams up with a charming English riskbender and a daring French alchemist to chase the thief from Paris to Rome, from Castle Frankenstein to the Taj Mahal. Together they must escape all manners of strange traps and supernatural creatures, and only their arcane skills and tools will keep them alive.

ZELDA PRYCE #2: The Clockwork Girl

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About the book: Inventor Zelda Pryce’s new business of making gorgeous arcane prosthetics is struggling until her hand-crafted arms and legs start transforming her clients into world-class athletes, rock stars, and crime fighters. But just as she starts to enjoy her success, strange events threaten to destroy her business. Her inventions come to life and attack her in the middle of the night, her clients are assaulted in broad daylight, and her best friend is framed for a series of violent crimes. As the foremost expert on arcane devices in Washington DC, Zelda sets out to unravel these mysteries and protect her friends, but her investigation leads not only to a powerful corporation that wants to ruin her business but also to a young girl with a bizarre secret.

ZELDA PRYCE #3: The Demon Hunt

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About the book: When inventor Zelda Pryce is asked to assemble a device that can predict the future, the young geometrix is drawn into the mysterious world of the arcane people known as demons. Some want to help her and some want to be left in peace, but one of them wants to wipe out the human race. And she’s just powerful enough to succeed. With the charming riskbender Clive and the superhuman girl Jenny at her side, Zelda travels from a Siberian prison to a Chinese temple and beyond to stop the demons from destroying humanity. And along the way, she discovers that an invisible Russian assassin, a pride of man-eating cheetahs, and a vengeful Tasmanian with an unstoppable boomerang are only the beginning of her troubles. Her search for answers turns up more than a few strange truths about the “real” history of the last hundred years, but the only revelation more terrifying than the demons’ plan for the human race is the discovery that one of Zelda’s own inventions has already caused the end of the world.


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About the book: In the weary old city of Trevell, young Daphne happily divides her time between caring for her family and crafting the finest shoes in town. But when she is summoned to sing for a panicking phoenix afraid of its fiery rebirth, Daphne is swept up in a thousand-year-old struggle for survival between immortal spirits. Endowed with the phoenix’s powers of air and fire, as well as the creature’s beautiful golden skin and ruby feathers, Daphne has only a few hours to save a dying tree, restore a crumbling city, and stop an invading army before the phoenix’s fire consumes her mortal heart.


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About the book: The dream that was Mars has become a nightmare for the children born there.

Asher roams the vast canyons of Mars in search of dying souls ready for digital reincarnation. But his strange profession has its perils. Those who fear the newborn clones have hunted Asher and his friends for years, claiming the lives countless innocents, including his daughter. Stalked relentlessly across the harsh red deserts by both men and machines, Asher leads his fellow cloners and the persecuted clones to end the first war on Mars.

Heirs of Mars follows the lives of six men and women (not all of them human) from the dusty wind farms of the Valles Marineris to the shining city of New Troy, and from the ancient tunnels beneath the Noctis Labyrinth to the sandy highways where daredevils race on single-wheeled motorcycles for a fleeting glimpse of fame and freedom.

Ghosts of Paradise

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About the book: Jean Paul Syfax is the last man alive in a forgotten city, lost on an alien world where he builds antique cars to pass the time. But he isn’t alone. He lives with a holographic woman who transforms her appearance every day from queen to fairy to housewife. A depressed robot maintains his living city, which is crumbing into the dying forest. And the locals hate him for bringing machines to their beloved world.

Last night, Jean Paul met a pair of immortal travelers who tell him that he is the last human alive, that his race is on the very brink of extinction. So he does the only thing he can do. He turns on the nursery to make new babies. And that’s when everything goes horribly wrong.

Someone is sabotaging his city, tearing it apart piece by piece. One of the local women wants Jean Paul dead. And a mysterious human woman appears who shouldn’t exist. With the aid of Icarus Chirops, a dashing young android who can leap tall galaxies in a single bound, Jean Paul must save both his home and his species while uncovering the truth about the most ancient race in the universe.

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