The Burning Sky

Halcyon, Book One

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About the book

When a mysterious explosion destroys an airship, four strangers are brought together to uncover a bizarre conspiracy to assassinate the queen and plunge the nation of Marrakesh into war. Those four strangers are:

  • Taziri Ohana, the brilliant young inventor responsible for the experimental airship Halcyon,
  • Syfax Zidane, a cunning but brutal detective recently transferred from the army,
  • Qhora Yupanqui, an exiled princess who travels the world astride a giant feathered raptor, and
  • Lorenzo Quesada, a master swordsman who can commune with the spirits of the dead.

Their investigation ranges across the country from steamships to locomotives, and even into ancient tombs to find secret meetings, deadly beasts, and bizarre machines that reveal a far-reaching plot against the royal family. Taziri encounters a bionic ambassador with a shocking touch, a Samaritan assassin with a love of stilettos, and a cruel doctor conducting experiments using Taziri’s own inventions!

With hired killers lurking in every shadow and worker riots erupting on every street corner, Taziri quickly learns to defend herself as only an engineer can – with her machines. But despite all her efforts, her country’s only hope for peace may be her beloved airship Halcyon plummeting out of the burning sky.

The Halcyon trilogy of steampunk thrillers:
Book 1: The Burning Sky
Book 2: The Broken Sword
Book 3: The Bound Soul

The Other Earth series

This is a work of historical fantasy. Some of this world may be familiar to you. But in this world, Europe never emerged from the last Ice Age and only the southern regions are habitable. North Africa is cool, wet, and fertile. Ancient nations such as the Persian Empire have persisted, though others, such as the Romans, never rose to power. Some of the countries in this world reflect the cultures and attitudes of the Renaissance while others reflect the Industrial Age. Historical figures appear, though they too may be different from the ones you have known.

And while this world is separate and unique from our own, it generally resembles our world in the sixteenth century in some ways. But only some. Don’t expect this world to conform to the history that you know. The people and places are different. The climate and wildlife are different. Even death is different here.

8 thoughts on “The Burning Sky

  1. I am a great Steampunk fan, with my favorite books comming from Garth Nix and Phillip Reeve and even anime such as Last Exile, but this looks like it might top them all! I do have a question though, is there romance in this series? I’d enjoy this series a tenfold more if there is romance in it.

    1. Good news! There are three romantic subplots in the Halcyon series. They are definitely minor story arcs, but they affect the primary story in a big way.

      The first romance is the Incan princess Qhora and the Spanish swashbuckler Lorenzo, who are struggling to overcome their pasts to find a way to be together. (This is the big one.)

      The second romance is the marriage between Taziri and Yuba, which is going through a rough patch when the series starts. (This is the small one.)

      And the third romance, well, it would be spoiling to say anything about it, including who it involves/ (This is the dark and strange one.)

      As for “romantic” scenes, there’s one in Book 2 (halfway through) and one in Book 3 (the very first scene!).

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