Omar the Immortal

Europa, Book One (novella)

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About the book

For fans of the Halcyon Trilogy, a new dark odyssey begins:

In the dazzling and dangerous land of Marrakesh, globe-trotting scholar Omar Bakhoum joins an airship expedition into the freezing north in search of a fabled country called Ysland, but howling ice storms, legions of ghosts, and a deadly samurai stand between Omar and his goal.

His journey has barely begun before the members of the expedition team begin dying of a strange and sudden affliction, and as the last remaining foreigner on board, Omar is accused of these murders. The one thing that can help him find the real killer is Omar’s ancient sword, haunted by the souls of thousands of dead sages and warriors. But this sword may be the very thing that dooms the entire expedition to a watery grave.

Series: This novella introduces the Europa series of dark fantasy adventures. It takes place in the world of The Other Earth four years before the Halcyon series of swashbuckling steampunk adventures.

Features: Map | The first chapter of Europa #2: FREYA THE HUNTRESS (a novel)

Genre: fantasy | adventure | alternate history | Morocco | Europe

Length: 23,000 words | 92 pages

The Other Earth series

This is a work of historical fantasy. Some of this world may seem familiar to you. But in this world, Europe never emerged from the last Ice Age and only the southern areas are habitable. North Africa is cool, wet, and fertile. The Himalayan Mountains are a shield wall against the northern glaciers. Ancient nations such as the Persian Empire have persisted, though others, such as the Romans, never rose to power. Some of the countries in this world reflect the cultures and attitudes of the Renaissance while others reflect the Industrial Age. Historical figures from our world appear, though they too may be strange to you.

Don’t expect this world to conform to the history that you know. The people and places are different. The climate and wildlife are different.

Even death is different here.

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