The Dragon and the Lotus

Chimera, Book One

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About the book

As a child in Kathmandu, Asha was bitten by a dragon and gained the ability to hear the souls of all living things. Years later in India, she uses her strange gift and her training as an herbalist to save people possessed by ghosts, poisoned by legendary beasts, and tortured by the cruel doctors of Ming. And to fight the occasional bear or tiger, of course.

With the help of a beautiful blind nun and a sleepy little mongoose, Asha confronts both victims and predators, including the man who stole her childhood and killed her lover. But when she journeys into the west, Asha discovers that there are fates worse than death and there are human monsters that can only be defeated by a woman with the strength of a dragon.

Series: The Dragon and the Lotus is a part of The Other Earth series. This story spans several years and ends shortly after the conclusion of the Halcyon Trilogy.

Genre: historical fantasy | mystery | adventure | India | Persia

Length: 80,000 words | 320 pages

The Other Earth series

This is a work of historical fantasy. Some of this world may seem familiar to you. But in this world, Europe never emerged from the last Ice Age and only the southern areas are habitable. North Africa is cool, wet, and fertile. The Himalayan Mountains are a shield wall against the northern glaciers. Ancient nations such as the Persian Empire have persisted, though others, such as the Romans, never rose to power. Some of the countries in this world reflect the cultures and attitudes of the Renaissance while others reflect the Industrial Age. Historical figures from our world appear, though they too may be strange to you.

Don’t expect this world to conform to the history that you know. The people and places are different. The climate and wildlife are different.

Even death is different here.

7 thoughts on “The Dragon and the Lotus

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I know it’s a different format, with the episodic stories, and I don’t know if I’ll try doing that again, but I think it works well for this sort of very long journey and I’m glad you stuck with it and liked how it came together in the end.

  1. Can you send me a link to your artist for this cover? (a comment on our blog will do) Every time I see it I think how wonderful it is! I did a cursory google search, but it kept leading me back to this blog 😀

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