Wren the Fox Witch

Europa, Book Three

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About the book

The dark odyssey across Europa concludes:

Wren has followed the mysterious Omar Bakhoum from her home in Ysland across the frozen wastes of Europa to the warring cities of Constantia and Stamballa, where war is the least of Wren’s problems. On steam-driven ironclads she encounters more of Omar’s immortal brethren, and in the icy streets she finds a legion of frozen corpses waging a war of their own against the living.

While Omar leads the fight against the undead, Wren sets out alone to pit her wits and skills against the most powerful witch in the world, the immortal Rus crone Baba Yaga, who has gone mad with grief for the loss of her son, Koschei the Deathless. A cruel gauntlet awaits Wren as she confronts the spiteful souls of her dead teachers, her own secret fears come to life, and finally the waking nightmares of Yaga herself.

It’s not all doom and gloom. A handsome young major in the Constantian army has caught Wren’s eye, and Omar has taught her more than a few new tricks, like how to control the aether mists that reveal the souls of the dead. And if she can defeat the other-worldly forces besieging the city, the only thing left in her path will be a vast armada of naval destroyers and deadly airships.

But that’s all right. Wren likes a challenge.

Series: This novel concludes the Europa series of dark fantasy adventures. It takes place in the world of The Other Earth one year after FREYA THE HUNTRESS.

Features: Maps | The first chapter of Chimera #2: THE CITY OF THE GODS

Genre: dark fantasy | action/adventure | horror | witches | zombies

The Other Earth series

This is a work of historical fantasy. Some of this world may seem familiar to you. But in this world, Europe never emerged from the last Ice Age and only the southern areas are habitable. North Africa is cool, wet, and fertile. The Himalayan Mountains are a shield wall against the northern glaciers. Ancient nations such as the Persian Empire have persisted, though others, such as the Romans, never rose to power. Some of the countries in this world reflect the cultures and attitudes of the Renaissance while others reflect the Industrial Age. Historical figures from our world appear, though they too may be strange to you.

Don’t expect this world to conform to the history that you know. The people and places are different. The climate and wildlife are different.

Even death is different here.

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