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Word Wars #1: Men and Women

This “Word Wars” series is a new thing I’m trying out. It’s hard to say out loud (Word Wars), but just roll with it for a minute.  Okay? Let’s go.

Challenge #1: Men and Women

Stop using the words “guys” and “males” and only use the word “men“. And stop using the words “girls” and “females” and only use the word “women“. (When referring to adults, of course.)

Where? In all things. Tweets, posts, emails, texting, comments, whatever. And perhaps most importantly, in your professional writing. Men and women only. Go!

Start now, and report back here in the comments on any changes you notice from doing this. Does it change how you think, how you write and speak, how people react to you? Whatever you think,  I want to know.

What is Word Wars?

Words are powerful things, right? Because not only are they the main way we communicate with each other, but they are the main tools we have for thinking our own thoughts. So these “Word Wars” posts are challenges to you, whoever you are, whatever you do, to change the way you use words and see how it affects you, either internally or outwardly. Anywhere you use words. In conversation, on Facebook, at work, personally, professionally, in your own head, whatever. It’s an experiment. Why? Because I’m curious.