The Demon Hunt

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About the book

When inventor Zelda Pryce is asked to assemble a device that can predict the future, the young geometrix is drawn into the mysterious world of the arcane people known as demons. Some want to help her and some want to be left in peace, but one of them wants to wipe out the human race. And she’s just powerful enough to succeed.

With the charming riskbender Clive and the superhuman girl Jenny at her side, Zelda travels from a Siberian prison to a Chinese temple and beyond to stop the demons from destroying humanity. And along the way, she discovers that an invisible Russian assassin, a pride of man-eating cheetahs, and a vengeful Tasmanian with an unstoppable boomerang are only the beginning of her troubles.

Her search for answers turns up more than a few strange truths about the “real” history of the last hundred years, but the only revelation more terrifying than the demons’ plan for the human race is the discovery that one of Zelda’s own inventions has already caused the end of the world.

The Zelda Pryce trilogy of arcane adventures:
Book 1: The Razor’s Edge
Book 2: The Clockwork Girl
Book 3: The Demon Hunt

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