My Artists

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of talented illustrators, designers, and artists on my books. Learn more about them below.

Linggar Bramanty [ DeviantArt | Facebook ]

I met Linggar while searching for a new artist to create the covers for my Elf Saga series. Linggar brought a beautiful, vibrant style to the series, and he was a fantastic partner to work with.

Laura Sava [ DeviantArt | Facebook ]

I found Laura’s work while searching through DeviantArt for a new artist. Laura was not only impressively talented, but also a consummate professional, very easy to work with, and very quick to deliver beautiful art.

Daltair [ DeviantArt ]

I discovered Daltair while searching through DeviantArt for an artist to help bring the Mystwood tales to life, and I thought his anime-esque style was perfect.

Elsa Kroese [ DeviantArt | Webcomic ]

I was introduced to Elsa’s work through a mutual friend, fantasy author Charlotte E. English. Elsa is the co-creator and illustrator of the outstanding webcomic Spindrift and she helped to launch my Drifting Isle Chronicles project, including this lovely piece of steampunk action:

Max Davenport [ Blog ]

I met Max when he was still a student in art school, and he worked with me to create the original covers for the Aetherium series (back when it was called Halcyon, Europa, and Chimera). Here are a few of my favorites:

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