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Free fantasy and steampunk books this week!

We are in the last few weeks of my catalog being Amazon-exclusive, so we will be having lots of free books, every single week. And when the exclusive period ends, you’ll be able to get my books at many more online stores!

Free this week, from July 16 to July 20:

Wreck of the Frost Finch (Aetherium, Book 0)

Ghosts, samurai, airships, and murder!

Omar Bakhoum joined an airship expedition to find a lost island and to learn about the aether mist that reveals the souls of the dead, even though howling storms, rampaging beasts, and a deadly samurai stand between him and his goal. But when Omar is accused of murder over the north sea, his quest for answers may end in a watery grave.

This novella is your introduction to a bizarre yet familiar world where strange machines sail the seas and the skies, enormous prehistoric beasts roam the earth, and the restless dead whisper to the living – a world explored through the eyes of countless heroes across the seven novels of the AETHERIUM series.

Publisher’s Note: This book was originally released under the title Europa 1: Omar the Immortal. No content has been changed.

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Raziel’s Shadow (Angels and Djinn, Book 1)

Demons, djinn, angels, and magi warriors!

Zerai thought he was a long-lost prince. He thought he was destined to save his people from a plague of demons. He thought he would reclaim his grandfather’s throne. He thought wrong.

Kiya spent her whole life training to become a magi archer. She dedicated herself to her people, her city, and her angels. She prepared to die a hero’s death to save the world. But then she met Zerai.

Now a mere falconer, Zerai guides a band of powerful magi warriors and seers to the land of Tigara where massive reptiles wade through giant forests, bloodthirsty ghuls roam in hungry packs, and cruel warlords command fiery ifrits.

But their greatest enemy awaits in the ancient city of Naj Kuvari, where a demon queen suffers an eternal curse for murdering the angel Raziel.

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Who was the angel Zariel?

In mythology: No one. At least, not that I can tell. Seriously. I haven’t been able to find any definite use of the name “Zariel” in any traditional texts. Which brings us to…

In fiction: According to Google, the only fictional use of the name “Zariel” appears in Dungeons & Dragons as some sort of female demon. Which makes sense to me, because I (for my part) made the name up. I just wanted to recycle the same sounds and letters in “Raziel” and “Azrael”, so “Zariel” was just the last logical option.

In my novel Zariel’s Doom, our heroes slowly uncover the mystery of the super-powered djinn and the disappearance of the angel Zariel, the Angel of Change. As revealed at the end of Azrael’s Wrath, the djinn of the east have found a way to add shreds of angelic souls to their own souls, thus giving them angelic power. In the third book, Iyasu the seer and Zerai the falconer both learn that the name of the lost angel in question is Zariel.

This new (only?) Zariel appears as a human man wearing golden armor, but can manifest his flaming red wings when exerting his angelic power. Sort of like this:

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Who was the angel Azrael?

In mythology: The angel Azrael (whose name means “One Whom God Helps”) is an angel in Judaism and Islam (also known as Malak or Izrail or Azriel). He is the Angel of Death, and sometimes also of retribution or justice. He keeps the book of the dead, recording and erasing the names of the dying, and he will be the last to die at the end of the world. He is responsible for separating the soul from the body at the moment of death.

In fiction: The angel Azrael appears in many works of fiction, as a being of death and vengeance lends itself well to dark, action-packed storytelling. I first encountered the name reading Batman comics in the 1990s, in which Jean Paul Valley becomes the brain-washed and not-entirely human assassin Azrael, and later even becomes Batman for a short time.

In my novel Azrael’s Wrath, the angel is a woman who has succumbed to rage and despair after witnessing the moment of death for billions of people over thousands of years. And while she cannot kill anyone by her own hand, she can inflict terrible punishments on people for causing suffering and death. Unfortunately, her actions attract the attentions of a local warlord who is preparing to invade a neighboring kingdom after she attacks his soldiers.

This new Azrael appears as a human woman in a dark silk dress with bright copper jewelry, but can manifest her enormous black wings when exerting her angelic power. Sort of like this:

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Who was the angel Raziel?

In mythology: The angel Raziel (whose name means “Secrets of God”) is an angel in Judaism (in the Kabbalah). He stands close to God (near his throne, or at a parted curtain) and records everything he hears in his book, the Book of Raziel the Angel. When Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden, Raziel gave his book to Adam to help him, but the other angels disliked that idea and threw the book into the sea, but God then decided to give the book back to Adam.

In fiction: The angel Raziel appears in many works of fiction, no doubt due to the fact that he has a magnificently gothic-sounding name. I first encountered the name playing the Legacy of Kain game series in the late 1990s (how old am I?).

In my novel Raziel’s Shadow, the angel Raziel chooses to come to earth to teach humans and djinn how to heal the sick and injured, transforming him from the Angel of Secrets to the Angel of Life (sort of replacing Raphael, who is usually associated with healing). Unfortunately, at the beginning of the novel Raziel is dead and his healers have unleashed a plague of demons (ghuls, ifrits, the usual) on the nearby kingdoms.

This new Raziel still has his book of secrets, and appears as a crystalline man with six wings. Sort of like this:

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New release: Zariel’s Doom!

Today it is my great pleasure to announce the release of my newest epic fantasy novel, Zariel’s Doom.

[ Cover art by the very talented Laura Sava ]

This is the third and final book in the ANGELS AND DJINN trilogy, following Raziel’s Shadow and Azrael’s Wrath. This story is evenly divided between two heroes, the falconer Zerai and the young seer Iyasu. Once again they are called to save the world, but now they both want more out of life than violence and suffering, and their journeys end up being far stranger than either of them would have hoped… or feared.

From the back cover:

When a clan of powerful djinn attack the city of the magi warriors, Zerai the falconer and Iyasu the seer are summoned to help fight the greatest enemy they have ever faced. But both are tired of the bloodshed and neither of them wants to see any more suffering and death.

Amid the chaos of djinn duels, deadly disasters, and a magi civil war, Zerai finds a small orphan girl and resolves to do anything necessary to get her and himself out of the war zone so they can live a normal life as a family. And Iyasu sets out with Azrael, the Angel of Death, to find a legendary djinn artifact, a quest that will take them to mechanical cities, ancient ruins, and even the Tree of Life itself in the company of the strangest people and creatures he has ever encountered.

But when open war erupts between immortal angels, corrupted djinn, and the devastating magi warriors, can two men really turn the tide of history? Or will they be consumed by yet another wave of senseless violence?

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