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New Book! War of the Magi: Azrael’s Wrath

Hello friends and readers!

I’m back. I’ve been quiet, I’ve been positively mouse-like, but I’m back and I have a book. A new epic fantasy with a gorgeous cover by artist Laura Sava.

Azrael’s Wrath is Book 2 in the “War of the Magi” series, and it’s a doozy.

Our heroes Zerai the falconer, Veneka the healer, and Iyasu the seer are back from Raziel’s Shadow and this time they aren’t dealing with mere demon hordes. We have more angels, more djinn, and more bizarre romantic entanglements than even I suspected to find. Here’s the description:

At the age of seventeen, the brilliant young seer Iyasu was sent to the west to help a mighty kingdom prosper in peace. But instead, he has brought them to the brink of war. Devastated by his own failures, and haunted by the bloody nightmares he unwittingly unleashed, Iyasu escapes to the jungle in search of the angel Raziel and the help of the magi clerics.

Now he must return to the kingdom he destroyed, accompanied by a healer, a falconer, and three mysterious djinn to confront a blood-thirsty warlord and his legions. But he no longer trusts his own visions, two of the djinn hide terrible secrets, and the Angel of Death herself now stalks the land to punish the wicked for all the death and suffering she has seen in the world.

Available now on Amazon Kindle.

And if you email me a promise to post a review on Amazon as soon as possible, I will send you the book for free this week.

Free this week: Europa (A Dark Fantasy Trilogy)

For the next five days (October 16 to 20), you can get my dark fantasy trilogy Europa free on Amazon Kindle. [ Get it now! ]

About the book:

Book 1 – Omar the Immortal – In the dazzling and dangerous land of Marrakesh, globe-trotting scholar Omar Bakhoum joins an airship expedition into the freezing north in search of a fabled country called Ysland, but howling ice storms, legions of ghosts, and a deadly samurai stand in his path.

Book 2 – Freya the Huntress – In the snowy highlands of Ysland, Freya’s sister is attacked by a diseased creature. Now, the Viking huntress has only a few hours to find a cure before her sister becomes a monstrous fox demon. But she learns that the only person who can cure the demon plague is a certain traveler from a distant land, but he was murdered five years ago…

Book 3 – Wren the Fox Witch – The young witch Wren follows her mentor Omar across the frozen wastes of Europa to the warring cities of Constantia and Stamballa, where war is the least of her problems. While Omar leads a desperate battle against an undead army, Wren must face the immortal witch Baba Yaga, who has gone mad grieving for her son, Koschei the Deathless. During their duel, Wren confronts the spiteful souls of her dead teachers, her own secret fears made flesh, and the waking nightmares of Baba Yaga herself.

This series is a tour of Norse and Russian mythology, terrorized by werewolves (werefoxes!), ghosts, zombies, and witches. The swashbuckling adventure is punctuated by nightmarish creatures and mysteries, as well as deeply passionate moments between the heroines and their lovers, as well as some steampunky ties to the Halcyon and Chimera series. 

Why are you still here? Go get the Europa trilogy now!

New release: Raziel’s Shadow

Raziel's ShadowToday it is my great pleasure to announce the release of my newest epic fantasy novel, Raziel’s Shadow.

[ Cover art by the very talented Laura Sava ]

This is a classic adventure quest, a band of heroes on an arduous journey to save the world from great evil. But it’s also full of twists and anti-tropes, which I’ll talk about more later this week. Raziel’s Shadow combines the djinn, angels, and demons of Arabian mythology with the history of the Aksum Empire, which ruled over ancient Ethiopia and Eritrea for centuries. Intrigued?

From the back cover:

As the long-lost prince of a country conquered by demons, Zerai Djonn has known only hardship, fear, and death all his life. But the legends of the great magi warriors tempt him to travel east in the hopes of gaining divine powers so he might return to free his people and reclaim his grandfather’s throne.

But nothing goes according to plan. Upon returning home, Zerai is reduced to a mere guide, helping a band of powerful magi to cross a land infested with ghuls, ifrits, marids, and djinn in search of a way to undo the madness that was unleashed when the angel Raziel was murdered.

For a time, Zerai finds solace in the arms of a magi archer, but even this joy is short-lived when they discover two women from the distant south who are hiding a terrible secret that could either heal the world or usher it into a new age of darkness.

Links: Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords

Man of Steel features men and steel going boom

So I saw the movie and I think I mostly enjoyed it, as a “staring at a screen for entertainment” sort of experience.

Stuff I liked

I definitely like the music and the cast and the art. The visual design and style was great. I liked the heavy science fiction approach of looking at Superman as an alien and the all of the ramifications of that. I liked the flashbacks that showed how frightening and confusing Clark’s childhood was. And I liked that Lois Lane was presented as a highly competent individual and professional.

Basically, I liked the first half.

And Faora. I liked Faora.

Stuff I didn’t like

I got bored with the 40+ minutes of hyper-violence at the end. Seriously, there were just too many people and machines to punch and explode. And the shaky-cam made the action hard to follow at times. Frankly, I think it would have been much improved if they removed Faora’s giant sidekick and removed the World Engine machine.

Editing. It’s a good thing.

Stuff I wanted

There’s a scene in the middle of the movie where Lois meets Clark for the first time. Clark says, “My dad was afraid people would reject me.” And the violence begins. This would have been a great spot for 3-5 minutes of romantic dialog in which Lois says, “I know you’re an alien who loves to save people and I accept you” and Clark could turn a corner, come out of the alien closet, smile, and say, “I’m going to embrace who I am and enjoy being awesome in public” and the movie could be brighter and more fun from that point, and then the romance between Lois and Clark would be believable.

I also wanted a line or two from Faora to give her character just a hint more depth. Just a hint.