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New release: Zariel’s Doom!

Today it is my great pleasure to announce the release of my newest epic fantasy novel, Zariel’s Doom.

[ Cover art by the very talented Laura Sava ]

This is the third and final book in the ANGELS AND DJINN trilogy, following Raziel’s Shadow and Azrael’s Wrath. This story is evenly divided between two heroes, the falconer Zerai and the young seer Iyasu. Once again they are called to save the world, but now they both want more out of life than violence and suffering, and their journeys end up being far stranger than either of them would have hoped… or feared.

From the back cover:

When a clan of powerful djinn attack the city of the magi warriors, Zerai the falconer and Iyasu the seer are summoned to help fight the greatest enemy they have ever faced. But both are tired of the bloodshed and neither of them wants to see any more suffering and death.

Amid the chaos of djinn duels, deadly disasters, and a magi civil war, Zerai finds a small orphan girl and resolves to do anything necessary to get her and himself out of the war zone so they can live a normal life as a family. And Iyasu sets out with Azrael, the Angel of Death, to find a legendary djinn artifact, a quest that will take them to mechanical cities, ancient ruins, and even the Tree of Life itself in the company of the strangest people and creatures he has ever encountered.

But when open war erupts between immortal angels, corrupted djinn, and the devastating magi warriors, can two men really turn the tide of history? Or will they be consumed by yet another wave of senseless violence?

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